About Us

itoti Crafts was started when Aliya made the best instagram handle to showcase her new creative journey. That handle was called @i_threw_out_the_instructions, and the name came from her personal history in graphic design.

After graduating from a rigorous university, Aliya found herself wanting everything she made to be *just so*. Perfect in details so minimal to the eye. Meticulous to the point of exhaustion and regret. She stopped making art for herself, and barely for anyone else because she was so overwhelmed with what she thought it was supposed to look like; comparing herself to every artist and professional she walked by.

Ultimately, Aliya had to throw out the instructions on how to be an artist, and the instagram handle was shortened into itoti Crafts

Building the itoti brand was surprisingly simple:

"My shop name and logo are very personal to me. You'll notice that within the 'O' of 'itoti' there are two shapes. The upwards triangle represents fire, and the downwards triangle represents water. My heart sparkles for fire - warmth, fire pits, flickering flames. And my gut longs for water - movement, weightless, mermaids. And the two together, like ying and yang, when both are present and bright, I am zen af. That’s so important to me, my artwork, and lifestyle." 

Aliya itoti Crafts