Lil' Bits Jars

These jars, I call my Lil' Bits jars. Each is unique, but I can do a customize order with multiple similar looking jars. Please feel free to contact me for custom orders and requests.

These jars holds lots of Lil' Bits! From potpourri to spare change, bathroom supplies to trinkets! 

Jars are 3 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter, and can hold about 7 fl oz in volume. I wouldn't suggesting these for food or drink, as the resin isn't food safe grade, but it can be used to hold herbs. 

*Note: The Lil' Bits jars should never house a flame or be near too much heat as the resin can melt and burn.

Add decor and artistry to your home with this Lil' Bits jar! Makes an easy and beautiful gift, too.