My Favorite Supplies!

Amazon won't give me an Amazon Influencer Page - but that doesn't stop me from wanting to share all the things (even things that I didn't get off Amazon) with you! I don't get paid for any of these links, so if you want to tip me, you can buy me a hot chocolate! 

Unicone Crystal Clear Resin Unicone Crystal Clear Resin - this is my favorite resin for clarity. Not my favorite for coating pours - but definitely my favorite for everything else!

Unicone Magical Resin Remover Gel CleanserUnicone Magical Resin Remover Gel Cleanser - no matter what resin you use, this will absolutely come in handy when trying to get resin off your skin!

Art Resin FDA approved resinArt Resin - the only (as far as I know) FDA approved resin. Which means if you're trying to make something you're going to want to eat off of, you should definitely give it a top layer of this!

Royal Elements Clear Laminating Sheets Royal Elements Clear Laminating Sheets - trying to turn stickers into magnets for your car? They'll need a good clear cover that's waterproof and UV resistant! 

Magnetic Adhesive SheetsDIYMAG Magnetic Adhesive Sheets - trying to turn stickers into magnets for your car? These are the magnets I used. They're 4x6, which even  though one of my stickers needed 2 sheets, most stickers the size for a car will fit to 4x6, so this felt like a good size.

Heavy Duty CartMac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon Cart w/ Table - This cart has been a lifesaver when trying to transport my craft fair items from my car to my set up location! This one folds up for easy storage, has a side table that flips up with 2 cup holders, and then you can also fit 2 water bottles in mesh holders on the other side. I can sufficiently fit two 66qt plastic bins side by side inside the cart, with two more on top, and then a folded table on top of that in one go!

 Rechargeable Light BulbsJackonLux Rechargeable Lightbulbs - For over a year, I've been looking for the best way to light up my tent during night-time fairs - where I didn't have to purchase or use a generator. These lights are everything! You charge them for 8 hours screwed into light stands in your house (when they're turned on, they're charging), then you can hang them in your tent, and turn on at your convenience. I honestly only need 3 to light up my whole tent, but I like the 4th as a back up!