Spellworking Cauldron: Protection of the Heart
Spellworking Cauldron: Protection of the Heart
Spellworking Cauldron: Protection of the Heart
Spellworking Cauldron: Protection of the Heart

Spellworking Cauldron: Protection of the Heart

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This is a handmade resin cauldron small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but big enough to hold all your secrets. You can fill it with stones, use it to burn incense, or just keep it nearby to whisper your anxieties into, and let it hold them for you. Use the Protection of the Heart cauldron to help guard your heart and sole from negative energies, malicious hexes, and all of the uncertainties that come with offering your kindness to others.

Within the resin is always a strong mixture of stones, herbs, flowers, and colors to help keep your heart at peace, including, but not limited to:

Amaranth - for mending a broken heart
Frankincense - for driving out evil
Myrrh - for peace and positive thought
Onion - to absorb negativity away from you, and against evil
Pink - for self love, and banish hatred
St. Johns Wort - for protection
Dragonsblood - for potency and power

When you hold and use your cauldron, let yourself feel your heavy heart’s problems drain, and bring you clarity and freedom. As you physically pull the air space from the area in front of your heart and chest into the cauldron, close your eyes and imagine it pulling the heartaches and whatever else has latched itself to your heart-space safely away. This is very helpful when needing to greet the day from a clear space, or before you go to bed to keep heart-related anxieties from keeping you up. Cleanse the cauldron with the material that your heart feels is the best for cleansing - let it be stones, moonlight, or burning herbs (while also not buying anything inside the actual cauldron). Your heart needs freedom, and clarity will come.

Each cauldron is slightly different from the last, as is every spell and every person, and everything hand created in this world. Please contact me before purchasing if you have any questions, or would like to order a speciality custom cauldron to better fit your desires.

This cauldron weighs 6.7 oz, and is 3" x 3" x 2.25"